What is your Social Style?

Understanding your preferred method of communicating with others, and how that affects your interaction and effective communication with others, will help you immensely in achieving growth in your business.

The following questions do not comprise a test: They are simply a measure of how you prefer to work with others. There is no right or wrong answer, no good or bad response - merely your preferred style.
Complete and submit your answers to us and a Smart-Train professional will prepare and deliver a report to you outlining how you can take best advantage of your strengths, while minimising the impact of your weaknesses.

General Instructions

Read the question and associated actions and identify the actions from most like you to least like you by rating the action that best describes you with a 4 down to the action that is least like you with a 1.

4 = you feel this option is MOST like you

3 = you feel this option is SOMEWHAT like you

2 = you feel this option is A LITTLE like you

1 = you feel this option is LEAST like you

Next, decide which of these actions is next most like you and move the selector to the next furtherest right selector

Continue to do this until you have completed all the sliders.

Before you click the "send my Profile to Smart-Train" button at the end, please check that you have noted a choice for every single question in the profile.

Remember, you must select a 1, 2, 3, or 4, and you must not have 2 numbers the same in each question, for example 2 answers with number with 4 etc.

Start Here:

1. When I am at work, I prefer to be seen as

correct and accurate

outgoing and enthusiastic

dependable and reliable

efficient and quick to get on with the job

2. I prefer to work with people who are

self controlled, able to sort out the facts and get the job done

fun to be with and motivating

supportive of other people, considerate of personal objectives

independent, able to get on with their work with minimum supervision

3. I feel of most value when I can

work out the details of a new concept or idea at my own pace

motivate others towards goals that I consider important

show others how to practically apply a new idea or concept

get others to expand themselves

4. When people upset me, I feel like

avoiding them and getting on with other things that are important to me

telling them how I feel about the situation in no uncertain terms

agreeing with them to avoid personal conflict

confronting them and telling them what is wrong

5. I prefer to lead people by

consulting them to ensure they stay on track

creating open, active discussions to build personal motivation 1

sharing how I feel about the situation to gain their support

directing them toward the achievement of the job at hand

6. I like others to see me as a person who

is disciplined and thorough at everything I do

enjoys social interaction and companionship

understands other people well enough not to cause personal conflicts

is tough and demanding, but always fair

7. When I have an important decision to make, I like to consider

the facts that I personally have found to be correct

recommendations made by people I respect

the opinions and feelings of the people closest to me

the various options available, to arrive at the best alternative

8. When I am asked to help another person, I like to

take my time to observe what their situation is and then discuss what can be done

confront them as quickly as possible to help get them back on track

be supportive of their situation, so that I can understand how they feel

discover what their problem is and then tell them what they need to do

9. Close friends would most likely describe me as

reliable, dependable, and well organised

a fun loving person who has a good personality

trustworthy and a good friend to have when in need

opinionated and headstrong, but often right

10. When I am under emotional stress

I like to withdraw to avoid the people causing me the stress

I sometimes do hurtful things that I later regret

I become personally hurt by the thoughtless actions of other people

I am easy to anger

11. When I meet people for the first time, I prefer to

be careful to project a favourable appearance

be sociable and friendly to relax them and get to know them quickly

be friendly, but take time to establish a relationship

be myself, whether they like me or not

12. When working with other people, I like to be

accurate and well organised

creative and involved in a variety of activities

friendly and part of the team

in charge (and/or) actively involved in getting the job done

13. When socialising, I prefer to

have a quiet, formal dinner party with close acquaintances

enjoy a fast paced party with a variety of people

have a relaxed, informal, casual get together

be private, sharing best with only one other

14. When in a close relationship with another person, I prefer to

be discreet and proper, not openly demonstrating my feelings in front of others

show my affection openly, enjoying close contact

enjoy a close, gentle association demonstrating warmth

take it or leave it, as I consider it is not necessary to continually give or receive affection to prove it exists

15. When communicating with other people, I prefer to

take my time, asking them what they think about the matter

be open, prepared to negotiate to achieve my objectives

be tactful and sensitive to their feelings about the situation

get to the point and tell them how I see the situation