How good are you at Customer Service?

Understanding your Customer Service preferences and how they stack up with proven effective processes, will help you retain customers and grow your business.

The following questions are a measure of how you prefer to provide Customer Service. If you complete this evaluation, you will receive a free report from a Smart-Train Professional outlining your Customer Service abilities - along with suggestions (if appropriate) as to how you can improve.

General Instructions

Answer each question as you know you are, not as you would like to be.

Read each question and action carefully. Rate the actions for each question from 4 -1 with 4 being MOST like you and 1 being LEAST like you in a Customer Services situation ensuring all actions are rated. Please ensure you do not have any actions rated the same number within a question.

Before you click the "Submit" button at the end of the profile, please ensure you have rated all questions.

Start Here:

1. Is a Company Vision:

A view of the future

A dream

Something to guide the company

A statement on the wall

2. How would you describe a company culture?

A bug in the company

The way we do things here

The rules and procedures

The way we treat each other

3. Why are all people different?

Because of our age

Because we like different things

Because we behave differently

Because that's the way we were born

4. How do we spot differences in people?

Their appearance

Their behaviours

How they speak

We like or dislike them

5. What does personal accountability mean?

Managing our bank balance

Completing our to-do list

How we accept responsibilities

What other people do to us

6. What is your view on change?

It happens too much

It is not always good

It is the only constant in life

I don't particularly like it

7. What does Customer Service mean?

Serving the customers

Meeting customer expectations

Going the extra mile

Being nice to people

8. What are the behaviours of a good Customer Service person?

Be polite and helpful

Serving them quickly

Understanding their needs and wants

Just smiling all the time

9. What are the worst roadblocks to service?

Unwillingness to help

Lack of accountability


Poor Attitude

10. How do we build long term customer relations?

Being the cheapest in town

Just being friendly

Exceeding expectations

Making few mistakes

11. What is the best way to get new customers?

Advertising and marketing

Follow-up and seek referrals

Have a "sale"

Open long hours

12. What makes a good customer service person?

A happy personality

Honest and reliable

Just does the job

Someone who can push the sale

13. The reason I have completed this profile is:


My manager asked me to

I want to improve my business skills

Not sure