How good are you at Sales?

Understanding your sales preferences and how they stack up with proven effective processes, will help you immensely in achieving growth in your business.

The following questions are a measure of how you prefer to sell. If you complete this evaluation, you will receive a free report from a Smart-Train Sales Professional outlining your sales ability - along with suggestions (if appropriate) as to how you can improve.

General Instructions

Answer each question as you know you are, not as you would like to be.

Read each question and action carefully. Rate the actions for each question from 4 -1 with 4 being MOST like you and 1 being LEAST like you in a Sales situation ensuring all actions are rated. Please ensure you do not have any actions rated the same number within a question.

Before you click the "Submit" button at the end of the profile, please ensure you have rated all questions.

Start Here:

1. Before I approach a prospect to set an appointment, I ensure:

I have Googled/database checked the prospect

Asked colleagues what they know about the prospect

Done a little research on the prospect

Looked up the prospect in the Yellow pages

2. To be a successful salesperson, I need:

A positive attitude and enthusiasm

Product Knowledge

High level of integrity

Ability to analyse and empathise

3. All good sales people communicate. What are the key elements to communication?

Knowing how to talk effectively

Understanding the differences in people

Being able to listen effectively

Creating a relaxed atmosphere

4. The art of making appointments is:

The volume of calls made

Getting past the screen (P.A., secretary etc)

Knowing the time to call people

Reading a prepared script

5. First impressions count, therefore we need to:

Arrive ahead of time

Look relaxed and casual

Dress smartly and professionally

Have an in-depth knowledge of the prospect

6. We begin the meeting by:

Talking about our company and our products

Giving an overview of ourselves and our background

Asking lots of questions

Discussing the latest news and weather

7. When I ask questions of a prospect, my method is:

To ask lots of 'why' questions

Ask permission to make notes

Use a written checklist

Explain to the prospect why I am asking questions

8. Making an effective presentation requires that I have:

Lots of product knowledge

The ability to use humour and enthusiasm

A presentation folder or laptop presentation

Understanding of the prospect's situation

9. I handle objections by:

Asking the client why they have the objection

Ignoring the objection and carrying on with the presentation

Clarifying if the objection is true or false

Overcome the objection through features and benefits

10. Negotiating with a client is about:

Getting the best deal for our company

Winning the battle and not backing down

Giving the prospect what they want to get the order

Creating a situation where both sides believe it's a win-win

11. When I have completed the sale I:

Push on quickly to the next prospect

Relax and reflect on a good sale

Complete the paperwork and add a new client to the database

Put a follow up appointment in my diary

12. The best method of getting new prospects is:

Advertising special offers

Direct marketing letters/mail drops

Seeking referrals

Cold calling by phone or in person

13. The reason I have completed this profile is:


My manager asked me to

I want to improve my sales skills

Not sure