Social Intelligence

General Instructions

This Profile has two parts:

Part A measuring Social Judgement;
Part B measuring Social Observation.

On Part A you are asked to click one answer to a social situation in which you are given a choice of four answers.

On Part B you are asked to indicate whether you believe a statement is true or false.

There is no time limit on this Profile, but you will find that if you work rapidly and put down your first impression, you will do best.

Answer all the questions

If you are not sure of the correct answer, make your best guess.

Then, fill in your details and click the submit button to send your answers through to Fortune International Ltd.

Part A - Social Judgement

Four answers are suggested for each of the following 30 social situations.

Click the choice which you consider to be most nearly correct and most appropriate socially.

You can make only one choice for each situation. If you are not sure of the correct choice, make your best guess.

Part A Questions

1 - You have been appointed to a position with a large firm. The best way to establish friendly and pleasant relations with your business associates would be to:

2 - You have an employee who is very efficient but they are continually complaining about the work they have to do. You have noticed that their complaints have a bad effect on the other employees. It would be best to:

3 - A man sixty years of age who has been a faithful employee in your business for 25 years complained that his work was too heavy. It would be best to:

4 - A business associate who has no authority over you tells you dictatorially to do a thing quite differently from the way you had intended. Which would you do:

5 - You are calling on a close friend who has been ill for some time. It would be best to:

6 - You are working in an industrial concern. Your employer wants you to attend a course of trade lectures, but this interferes with outside classes you are attending at night school. It would be best to:

7 - A man who has been a travelling salesperson for 15 years decides, under pressure from his family, that he will stay in one place and is transferred to the general offices of his company. You would expect him to:

8 - You are entertaining two friends at dinner, one of whom is very conservative and the other radical in his views. A very heated discussion arises concerning the enforcement of the tariff law. It would be best to:

9 - A young man invites a young lady to go to a show with him. On approaching the theatre, he discovers he has left his wallet at home. It would be best to:

10 - Assume that you are a young woman engaged in a business occupation. You are having lunch with a young woman who is a school teacher, a slight acquaintance. It would be best for you to start a conversation about:

11 - A married woman of considerable ability, who has long been a leader in social service work and has left most of the household duties to hired care, moves to a new town. You would expect her to:

12 - Suppose you have some experience in selling in a store and have just obtained a new job in a large store. The best way to establish relations with other employees in the department would be to:

13 - You wish to ask a favour of an acquaintance whom you do not know very well. The best way to ask would be to:

14 - A 24 year old man spends a large proportion of his time and wastes considerable money on late parties, shows and similar pleasures. His friends have warned him that he cannot succeed in his business career if he keeps up the wild life. He will most likely change if:

15 - Assume that you are a professor of economics in a large university and Smith, one of your students complains that Jones, another student, is a 'Socialist'. You should:

16 - A person who has just been promoted to a position of authority in a business firm would probably best attain their aims and gain the goodwill of their employees by:

17 - Suppose you live in a suburb 10km from the city. You promise to take a neighbour home in your car at 4.00pm. After they have waited for you from 3 to 4.00pm, you find that you will be detained in the city until 5.30pm. It would be best to:

18 - You are an executive and two of your employees do not get along together. Both are efficient people. It would be best to:

19 - Assume that you are a girl and that you meet an older woman on the street, a very slight acquaintance, whose eyes show evidence of crying. It would be best to:

20 - You are to be toastmaster at a club dinner on Saturday evening. Saturday morning you find that you will be unable to attend because of illness in your family. You should:

21 - Other things being equal, the worker who can adjust most easily to a new position with a new firm is the one who:

22 - An acquaintance is conversing with you about their hobby. The conversation bores you. It would be best to:

23 - A person 65 years old gains some success as a politician in early life, but due to their straightforward policy, has fought a losing battle over a period of the last 20 years. They are most likely to:

24 - Assume that you are a teacher of a third grade and while going to school after the first snow of the winter, some of your pupils throw snowballs at you. From the standpoint of good school management you should:

25 - Suppose you are President of a Community Centre organised for improving community conditions. Meetings for the last 3 months have been poorly attended. The best way to bring more citizens to the next meeting would be to:

26 - Smith, an efficient employee, but one who thinks he "knows it all", has for several days been criticising Jones' method of doing a particular piece of work they are doing. The boss later suggests that all the workers follow Jones' method since it saves time. Smith will most likely:

27 - Henry Burton has held a subordinate position with a business firm for 10 years. During this time the work assigned to him has been quietly and reliably done. He is a man whom his employees will miss when he is gone. On obtaining an appointment with a new firm, he will be most likely to:

28 - Suppose you are a junior clerk in a large office. The Manager of your section enters your room while you are reading a newspaper when you should be working. The best way out of the situation would be to:

29 - A colleague loafs on the job so that you must do more than your share of the work. The best way to keep pleasant relations is to:

30 - Assume that you are a new officer of a town organisation. The best way to gain your subordinates' respect and admiration without sacrificing your policies to them would be to:

Part B - Social Observation


If the statement is true, click the True and if the statement is false, click the False.

Part B Questions
1 - In pleasure, the corners of the mouth are pulled down.

2 - Pretence and sham are often inspired by the desire for social admiration.

3 - Most people tend to imitate those whom they admire.

4 - It is easier to remember to wind an eight-day clock than one that must be wound every day.

5 - All men are created equal in mental ability.

6 - We are more shocked by our errors in etiquette than by those in logic.

7 - In fear, there is a tendency for the eyes to become more widely opened.

8 - As a rule, we should place little confidence in those who appear to love us extremely on slight acquaintance.

9 - A person of strong character usually makes firm friends and bitter enemies

10 - For most people forbidding an act increases the pleasure of doing it.

11 - A mother's estimate of her child is the most reliable one.

12 - Good conduct is a reliable indication of high intelligence.

13 - The salesperson that makes the most sales is usually the most popular with the other salespeople.

14 - One of the surest methods of bringing a person to your point of view is by engaging in argument with them.

15 - With the average person there is no more pleasing sound than praise of self.

16 - In order to know the real sentiments of others, one should trust more to the eye than the ear.

17 - Giving newspaper publicity to the details of crimes tends to reduce the number of similar crimes committed.

18 - With most people the desire for social approval motivates conduct much more than does the consideration of principles

19 - In business success, influential friends are often as important as hard work.

20 - In social relations, demands are usually more effective than requests.

21 - A good way to keep on friendly terms with two people who are enemies is to attempt to reconcile them.

22 - It is advisable for a salesperson to show a little annoyance to customers who are returning merchandise so they will not be apt to try it again.

23 - People are pleased when the sales clerks greet them by name.

24 - Price is usually the most important part of sales talk.

25 - Loyalty to your organisation demands that you take every opportunity to injure its competitors.

26 - We usually find fault with the person whom we have injured.

27 - The majority of people appreciate a candid criticism of their faults.

28 - The clerk usually thinks the plumber is paid too much.

29 - Much of our reasoning consists in finding arguments for going on believing as we already do.

30 - Most people would rather admit having bad judgement than bad memory.

31 - In a dispute between an individual and a corporation, most people favour the side of the individual.

32 - The desire for play ceases with the close of adolescence.

33 - There is a marked tendency among old people to say that the "world is going to the dogs".

34 - Most men resent taking orders from a woman.

35 - Hatred is sometimes incurred on account of good actions.

36 - Passing stringent laws curbing undesirable actions of a group of people usually increases their respect for the law.

37 - A friendship with a person can often be built up as well by having them do things for you as by doing things for them.

38 - What will make one person happy can safely be assumed to make others happy.

39 - Frequently praising an individual in the presence of their associates tends to make them popular with them.

40 - We blame ourselves for the things we would excuse in others.

41 - All people who become wealthy or famous must be either bright or hard-working.

42 - A good way to instil efficiency in intelligent employees is to remind them every time they do a job that they are to follow the prescribed procedure.

43 - People are more likely to work for some social end separately, than as followers of a crowd.

44 - Most people enjoy the success of their associates without envy.

45 - One of the most efficient ways to succeed in the world is an inviolate fidelity to friends.

46 - As a general rule, it is not well to apply for a favour that you have little probability of obtaining.

47 - Our standards of conduct are determined largely by our reason without reference to what others think.

48 - The tendency to reverie is more dominant from 25 to 45 years of age than at any other time of life.

49 - Conscience gives the same commands to everyone.

50 - The results of political elections in this country are an example of carefully thought out judgements made by the majority of voters.